22 December 2009

tidbits in my diary

I did some cleaning up of My Documents and I got a glimpse of my life just a few months back.

16 June 2009
Repainted the wall under the sink then washed all the pots, pans, containers…I threw away redundant things…

Was a bit hyper today.
Cleaned my Furla bag.
Took out outdated things from my wallet.

$ 30… for fish, long beans, drinks (Utama)
$ 7 for rabbit food
$ 1.20 for bread (Fun Bread)

17 June 2009
Cleaned out Meeza’s closet.

18 June 2009
Threw out more clutter.
Tried to save some sentimental things.
Saved the tin containers (tiffin?) in case someone gets into the hospital.

Lunch was chicken curry; eggplants with chilli

$1 for newspaper

19 June 2009
Checked Meeza’s school uniforms.
Finally wore my one of two newest VS.

$25 fish, vegetables
$ 1 newspaper

Lunch – sweet sour kurapu fish
yam with coconut
chicken adobo

20 June 2009
Bought a mug for Dad’s day and a card for Meeza to sign.
Lunch at Delifrance; dinner at the Stadium Restaurant ... best ever creme brule (sp?).
High tea at Aneka Rasa

22 June 2009
The start of the 2nd half of the school holiday.
Did Unit 14 for Year 1.
Anxious to finish a lot of lesson plans this week.

06 December 2009

subconsciously speaking

  • MacGyver ::
  • TV show years ago
  • Garter ::
  • elastic
  • Wedge ::
  • shoe or a divide
  • Inches ::
  • ruler
  • Code ::
  • Da Vinci
  • Water ::
  • bath
  • Running ::
  • race
  • Curly ::
  • frizzy
  • Turkey ::
  • roasted
  • Stupor ::
  • drunk

    For more of Unconscious Mutterings go to http://subliminal.lunanina.com.

    19 October 2009

    a remembrance

    To us, he was just Bapa.

    21 August 2009

    Cielo aka Minggay

    I named her 'Cielo' meaning sky, maybe heaven. She is a darling of a pet. She is Meeza's sweetheart. Finally, Meeza has a cat she can call her own. Then, out of the blue, somebody called her 'Minggay' and the name stuck. Out goes 'Cielo'. So ... Minggay it is. I just have to wince in pain at that name.

    09 May 2009

    reptilian surprise

    We spent time watching this tiny reptile among the rounded shrubs in front of our porch in Mata-Mata. Whether it came out of its hideaway safely, we are not sure. It was nowhere to be seen again.

    05 April 2009

    meet me halfway...bridges2

    There's something about bridge walking that thugs at my heart. It inspires thoughts of life and love as people walk together or alone.

    One such walk happened yesterday when in a symbolic gesture of bridge walking, France rejoined NATO. We could walk on bridges more and have more of this kind of peacemaking gestures all over the world.

    Flora Purim sang, "There are bridges made of love". It sounds cliched but we've been building steel bridges; why don't we build more of those love bridges to walk on.

    photos by deviantArt

    21 February 2009

    an affair to remember

    Does this ever happen in real life? I really love this scene. I've laughed at movie dramas partly because it was a way of disconnecting myself from the sadness. Also, I am biased towards comedies and wit and sarcasm. But this one is different...it is sacred cow...no one ever laughs at this.