30 May 2007

childhood adobes

My memories of Jolo are clear. It is where (aside from Basilan, my mom's place of origin), I had most of my growing up years. I remember long stretches of white sand along the coasts; of smells of the sea; of breezes that tasted of salt. It was a beautiful coastal haven where the masjids and the churches thrived and co-existed.

Basilan in better times was a bit more tame, quieter, more Hispanic than Moro (depended on which part you lived). The calesas were the mode of transport (still is). The calesas were horse drawn and I remember the excitement whenever we had to go to the poblacion to shop for buttermilk, eggs and molasses (these items were for making leche flans). I remember how young and vibrant my parents were; how green the surroundings were; how lazy the afternoons were as people went for their siestas.

Those were the days when the juramentado bolted from nowhere. (The significance of this entity is clearly seen now. The juramentado was the microcosm of what followed next - the bigger danger, the full blown conflict).

Since then, a few of us have found adobes that have satiated our desires for peaceful existence (our dar-ul-salam). Our lives have changed but both Jolo and Basilan remain etched in our minds.

28 May 2007

machiavelli is obsolete

What could be more exasperating than reading about the election feedbacks in Mindanao and Sulu? Nothing has changed. But there are 'shining moments'. People have been witnessing, seeing with their own eyes, the irregularities committed and reporting them to the world. KUDOS!!! Wake up, all you CYNICS.

insecure about the dragonettes

"Little Dragon Ladies" caught my eye while scanning my local newspaper. These are "domestic helpers from China" who may seduce local Malaysian men according to the women's wing of one of Malaysia's ruling parties.