08 August 2007

a survey

I like the look of bullets in a write-up. When I went back to school (for the nth time) two years ago, a few lecturers wanted our answers to exam questions in bullets – much like – enumerated items. I found an excuse to make some bullets in my blog, and I thought of one topic: No Substitutes (guaranteed limitless bullets) and one method: a survey. I asked friends and relatives about one thing in their lives that can’t be substituted. I had an image of a long list of answers in BULLETS.

  • mother’s milk (too overstated)
  • a child's hug
  • a security blankie
  • an old teddy bear named Koko
  • chocolate that melts and oozes in the mouth
  • seri muka
  • nasi lemak
  • an antique kebaya/antique watch/antique table/antique……
  • a photo of a dead pet
  • Marsha of Akademi Fantasia (???)
  • home-made pancakes
  • a best friend
  • a guy who picks up the tabs (no dutch treats eh)
  • a little girl’s French beret
  • Harry Potter book
  • beloved amah
  • cigarettes
  • fiancĂ©/fiancĂ©e
  • wife/husband
  • laptop
  • coffeemate
  • honey stars
  • Lancome’s Blanc Expert (did I get that right?)
  • credit cards
  • dora the explorer (so cute)
  • a hole in one

I got my wish – BULLETS.

P.S. I conclude without hesitation that my adult friends and relatives are foodies and/or materialists and/or credit laden. The children are more sentimental and found attachments in valuable/non-negotiable/irreplaceable possessions.

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