20 September 2007

innocence lost

Apparently, the buzz about the nude picture of Vanessa Hudgens has not died down. I guess as long as the Disney Channel continues to show High School Musical II intermittently, then the story is not ebbing out yet. Talk of innocence lost, Primary 6 children (perhaps, younger) are having a day talking about the picture. Remember us and the era minus the computers, all we thought of was who to play "patintero" with once we stepped out of the school premises. What a GREAT DIVIDE! Now, with info on the fast lane, our children are more informed, more sophisticated, perhaps more hardened than generations past...But, at what price? Tell me.


Unique Muslimah said...

God, you're so right! I often find myself wondering- when I was a child, I KNEW NOTHING that kids nowadays know about. I was so innocent. Nowadays 7 year olds have an e-mail address and 12 year olds are on facebook sharing the pictures with strangers. Maybe it's to do with parenting and peer pressure- everyone wants to keep up to be cool. I really don't want my children to have their innocence stolen from them, childhood only comes once.
God help us sis.

Dinazad said...

Dear Unique,
One of the reasons why I blog is because I want my children (since they are online frequently) to see the differences in their chidhood and mine; where mine was relatively protected from the angst of the world, theirs is very challenged. And they do need some sort of mechanisms to keep them them from being too jaded.