04 May 2008

hurtle turtle

As a child, I was smitten by turtles. However, I could not keep them as pets because of some myths that have in some ways creeped into my childhood. Old folks say that in captivity, they give bad luck. They crawl out and hurtle to a way out of man-made bondages and take their revenge. In the old days, when children got sick, the folk healers would direct family members to free the kept turtles. I've seen several incidents of turtles bringing bad luck and just last week a hurtle turtle caused a head injury that required seven stitches.

Did you know that turtles are bestowed divinity in some places? The Chinese believe that turtles are sacred because they carry the burdens of the world on their backs. The Hindus revere them. No turtles for pets. You can save them too by leaving them in their own habitats.

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