26 July 2008

keeping in touch

My laptop is many times my refuge, solace, escape, my reservoir of information - and would you believe info about my own kin. Most days I am rummaging, googling for the how tos of life, examples of which are----how to ease your teen' s first heartbreak; how to get rid of drama queens and the pachydermal riders of your gravy train; how to lower your bp; how not to get old disgracefully, etc. And just an offshoot - a mom gave a Coach bag to her thirteener just as she was breaking off with her boyfrend. That little carrier surely eased her little heartache. Meeza would want a cat for her first heartbreak, she says. Okay, I'll remember that.

My other 'possession' is the Astro where at the moment, I see Old Mc Cain telling us for the umpteenth time how inexperienced Barack is in foreign affairs. Well, it would not budge a leaf or to that effect because people are not thinking about what to do with the Chinese for bullying the Tibetans but rather they are listening to the growling of their stomachs as they settle down for dinner that costs them more and mooning because they are half out of their wits with their mortgages, and the rising cost of living. Think domestic - that may win more votes.


Nisa said...

A'kum, I've just landed on your blog and am now addicted to your writing. I hope you keep them coming! =)

Jasmine said...

Nisa, you are most welcome. :)