30 July 2008

apology accepted?

For the first time in history, the Americans are making an official apology for their institution of slavery - one of the most malevolent acts of men ever. We'll hear about its repercussions in a day or two or maybe hours from now. We must remember that slavery and its sub-forms, racism for one, did not only hold bondage the Africans but also Asians and other non-Caucasians who have immigrated to the country of milk and honey. Well, as simplistic as I may sound, they have come a long way to restitution to the point that an African-American may be elected president of the USA soon. Here is one that echoes my sentiments and it quotes a Filipino-American who was born in the States and grew up seeing the challenges of racism.

"And if Obama becomes president, it could become a much easier choice to make. Perhaps a choice that is even celebrated in a society with a painful history of rejecting those who are different -- but which is now evolving into a community where people with strange names, who come from strange lands and who speak strange languages are not just welcomed, accepted and embraced, they at times can even have the seat at the head of the table."

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