10 August 2008


The Warao Indians who live in the remote villages of Venezuela have been plagued with vampire bats that have gone into biting sprees. Thirty eight of the Warao Indians have died as of today. And this piece of news has rekindled my memories of scary tales spouted by tired babysitters -- one of them telling us siblings to sleep with steadfastness as she was going out for her dinner of bloody muck and will return as soon as dawn breaks. To compound my uneasiness, I find my brothers, the next day, playing with baby bats tied in strings. That was my childhood Twilight staple.

The much anticipated fourth book, Breaking Dawn has been released and I may be reading it next week. Below is the cold skinned vampire, Edward of the Twilight series which was made into a movie due to be shown by the end of this year. Edward Cullen is to be portrayed by Robert Pattinson. He looks much much better than our parents' Christopher Lee and our Tom Cruise, right?

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