07 September 2008

winner takes it all

No matter what the reviews are for 'Mamma Mia", it was a movie worth stomping your feet for. Meryl Streep as Donna Sheridan,as always, is the magnificent one, she can sing and belt it out too! Don't forget she sang at "Postcards from the Edge". As for Pierce Brosnan, he as the quick witted Bond is not his only forte, he is just as convincing as Donna's olf flame. "The winner takes it all" part was the best in the movie, I think. This song has always had a soft spot with the baby boomers generation. ABBA was one of the symbols of those disco crazy days. I love the movie, no matter how some people may think of it as cheesy.

face of anger

I've seen a lot of angry people. The range of physical manifestations include nasal flaring (take time and check in the mirror once you feel angry), stares that kill, teeth baring and the clenched fists. Physiologically, anger raises your blood pressure, increases the heart rate and lets out the adrenaline in your body. Imagine this substance doubling its pump and making you jumpy and ready for a fight.

In anger, the words I spew are kilometric and verbose and hurting. Of course, I mean them. My verbal attacks are calculated to pierce and slew. What makes me grounded again, though, is when I see myself in the mirror and see my adrenalin-charged demeanor and I promise myself to never again...never ever again show that ugly monstrosity that is anger. Leave it to Allah, I will say.

Do not teach your children never to be angry; teach them how to be angry. ~Lyman Abbott

Photo credits: deviantART

06 September 2008

do you really exist?

Why do people ignore other people? It is not as if you are too small to see...in fact you are too big and tall you can paint the whole sky. WikiAnswers gives us this 'answer'...

If you think about why people ignore one another, it basically comes down to this, the person being ignored is not worthy of your attention. Clearly, this creates a bit of a "better than thou" issue, and the person being ignored is usually unhappy that people think themselves better than him. An enlightened thing to do would be to discover why they're being ignored. However, because people are A. unenlightened and B. assured that questioning the person ignoring them is futile, they prefer to go on the offensive against the person who thinks themselves their better. In a sense, it's a matter of attracting attention, so that the problem may be resolved. Do keep in mind though that ignoring people is not only rude, but also ignorant to a degree. We only ignore people we consider useless to us. After all, no one ignores someone they consider helpful to their cause.

A li'l philosophy may help those having doubts on their existence. This one is from huge-entity.com...

If I didn't exist, then I wouldn't be able to attempt to prove anything, or even to think I existed in the first place.

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05 September 2008

mon amie la rose

When our lives are harried and speckled with moments of disappointments and what seem to be like unending lows and blows ..... then it is time to stop and smell/eat the roses. Or listen and soothe your senses with this.....aptly named "mon amie la rose"..... a song for my mom.....a song for me.


Mon amie la rose has this arabesque lilts and gasps in Natacha Atlas. This bombshell calls herself the "human Gaza Strip". I would not post it here...too provocative, not in Ramadhan, eh! Francoise's version is the safer one.