28 October 2008


These are pictures of my dream house, a multi-storey Asian-inspired adobe. The article which featured this house says that it is within a cul-de-sac park. I don't know what it means, but, it sure sounds lovely being in a cul-de-sac of a park. If by luck, I had a chance to have a second home, I'd love to live on this one. It's a charmer!

27 October 2008


They call it the crossroad or the transitional phase in any marriage when sparring becomes a habit; sensitivities are more pronounced; hunger is phenomenal but then you are no longer eating salt and sugar. Well..oh..well, at least, the both of you are still alive and savouring and living life...never fearful of the turns and the narrowest of alleys.

photo by deviantArt

26 October 2008

capping greed

The current world financial crisis has been blamed on greed, specifically consumer's greed - nothing is just enough for us - we have not restrained ourselves from giving into immediate gratification - we never knew the difference between wants and needs. And as a result, we have accumulated debts significantly than in any other period of man's history.

For us here in Brunei, it may not be very late. However, we must get rid of all the complacencies that have hounded us. Credit has been misused - every working person must admit this. Many of us are still in debt.

The days of easy credit as we all know are gone now - thanks to some regulatory measures set up by the government. We may have been spared of this crisis, the magnitude of which seems to be overwhelming the rest of the world.

We were always told to save for the rainy days - those days have arrived - and will not leave us for some time.

photo by flickr

13 October 2008

peace of mind

I have always watched American politics and I can say I won't get lost in its web of complexities. I am a believer in the premise that what is good for the USA is good for the rest of us...don't accuse me of colonial mentality. I am just being realistic. And so...I dread a McCain-Palin win not because I really am agog over Obama but, because I am nervous about McCain's longevity. In case, McCain wins, we then will have to wish him good health and a longer life because Palin, the non-reader of newspapers, as the Commander-in-Chief and CEO is well...nerve-wracking considering the ugly heads that are rearing out, I mean, the Russian misadventures, the Afghanistan-Iraq tragedy, the financial tumults, etc. Save yourselves. Stop living dangerously. Don't be enamoured by the folksy winking and 'hey Joe' attitude. Dear Americans, please vote wisely and have peace of mind.