22 November 2008


My predilection for chocolates dated back when I was a pre-schooler who understood the sins that go with it. One instance, upon waking up, I could feel the gooey lumps of unrecognizable Kisses that have tangled with my hair. Invariably, I ate chocolates even in my sleep.

Years later, friends in the States generously sent us Mary Sees chocolates together with Guccis and L'air Du Temps and silver trays from Macy's. Then, in Mecca and Medina we held our breaths when the scrumptious Patchis were weighed at the scales. At Harrod's we lingered on and on at the Chocolate Room and promised to hoard the bought goodies at home.

It's no wonder that my no-longer-secret of a wishlist include one of the most expensive chocolates in the world. These are the "G" chocolates from Godiva and cost 120 Pounds per lb. Like the other items in my wishlist, this is virtually a wish that remains a wish..lol.

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