08 June 2008

state of affairs

There are not many Sundays that you wake up to:
  • Hillary bowing out of the presidential race. It is a cause for sad feelings for people in the US of A expecting to see a woman president in their lifetime. The Kenyans from a distance are genuinely happy for their "son", though.
  • read that a young man had met his death in a car accident yesterday at dawn. Was he reckless?
  • see Stephanie giving Donna an ultimatum, "Give me back my husband and I'll give you your family back." And you are left thinking how Eric can be that irresistible. Eeew!!
  • watch Jolie's full lips on the TV screen as she berates Matt Damon for being the ever busy spy that he is. The Good Shepherd tells a boring story of the volatile early 60's and I reckon that they really wore lipstick that red. Those black and white photographs don't really tell the shade.
  • Oil per barrel has gone up to almost $140 and might reach $150 by July. Should I cancel the trip to Hua-Ho Manggis then and save my petrol or am I correct to think that we will never get a price increase in our gas because we produce it??? Talk about complacency.
  • feel that whatever bad news or bad shows there are, we got to hang on with dear lives and think about the blessings that the day may yet to bring.