05 April 2009

meet me halfway...bridges2

There's something about bridge walking that thugs at my heart. It inspires thoughts of life and love as people walk together or alone.

One such walk happened yesterday when in a symbolic gesture of bridge walking, France rejoined NATO. We could walk on bridges more and have more of this kind of peacemaking gestures all over the world.

Flora Purim sang, "There are bridges made of love". It sounds cliched but we've been building steel bridges; why don't we build more of those love bridges to walk on.

photos by deviantArt


Noel DLP said...

When you're weary, feeling small...
Oh wait, thats a different bridge.
Jasmine, I didn't even know that France wasn't part of NATO until I read it in this blog entry. I had to look it up. See, its never too late to learn new things. Thanks :)

Dinazad said...

U r welcome, Noel. Yeah, a bridge over troubled water...that's a good one.