01 June 2007

from the babe's mouth

My daughter at the age of six when asked to switch off the lamp light:
"Mummy, do I look like Cinderella to you". "You're giving me tasks".


❥Ai said...


Don't children say the darndest things! *giggle* Talking about disney, a little boy cousin of mine that I used to live with in Perth loves The Little Mermaid so much that everytime Ariel sings her siren-song, he sings too! I have enjoyed reading your website, it's filled with gems that keep me wondering: what sort of life have you had?

Have a great week, I hope this finds you in good health!


Dinazad said...


Thanks for dropping by. I do love that song too. Well, we ought to thank Disney too. He took some of the hours from babysitting while the children were glued to Ariel, Sebastian, etc.

You too, enjoy your week.