21 August 2007

my daughter, my critic

Last night's conversation:

Meeza: Mummy, why do you have to blog?

Me: Same reason as you do 'friendster' - expressing myself, reaching out.

Meeza: Ooohhh (with narrowed eyes meaning 'I see').

Me: Would you rather I do 'friendster'?

Meeza: Oh no, please (eyes widened)!


❥Ai said...

He-he, simply priceless! I know that I would be horrified if my mother joined friendster - one reason being even I do not indulge in it!

Have a great day!


Dinazad said...

Ya, right, priceless - this kind of bonding with children. Have a great day too.

Anneesa said...

LOL. How cute!!

That's like my 14 year old brother asking me to email a picture of him from my laptop so he can put it on friendster.

I swore my eyeballs popped out of their sockets.

Dinazad said...

Hi Annessa,

Chances are we will be bribing them to get away from friendster for a minute.