11 December 2007

time flies

A birthday just gone by and my usual flurry and hurry is happening - medical checks, promises to be kept, books to be read, compliments to be given, recipes to be done, places to be discovered, dreams to be realised... It would be nice to be young again. They say youth is wasted on the young - if we only knew what we know now! Then , we could have:

- realised early that financial handicap is not a hindrance, luxury is for a few, adventure is for everyone

- listened to our elders more like when they say 'eat your veges'; they mean well

- not messed too much with our hair; it gets very dry with abuse - straightening, bonding, perming, colouring - they are the culprits

- worn sunscreen

- not jogged on the hard pavement; the knees ultimately suffer

- not been reckless with our and others lives by being arrogant, jealous, disrespectful

- not worried too much about the future; events like aging and dying are part of living

- known that being emotionally mature means that there is no need for validation of your worth

- exercised more

- loved our parents more

Cliche or not - time flies. Live your life to the fullest.

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