04 May 2008

for a cause

It used to be that breast cancer was a non-issue in our young lives; we did not really hear of anybody having breast cancer. It's totally different now; breast cancer strikes women we know; women we care for. Having a mammogram (no matter how painful it maybe)now and then may save our lives. The earlier the cancer, the better the prognosis.

Early today, I joined hundreds of other women in the Walk for Breast Cancer. It was fun camaraderie. We started with some warm-up exercises that included belly-hip jiggling that got us wolf-whistling. A Filipino fitness guy led us on this one (Pinoy talaga!). Who said, we in Brunei are repressed?! Then, more fun - we walked the whole of the stadium premises.

A day well spent - a day for a cause - for camaraderie and awareness - a time to celebrate the survivors of this dreaded disease.

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