20 July 2008

prankster mom

I had forgotten that Meeza never did appreciate the times when I became the prankster- mommy. Could be that she had a preconceived notion of what a mom should be - prim and proper. When Meeza was even less than a year old, she did not like it when I made faces. She bawled at the slightest change in facial demeanour and she detested clowns in birthday parties. Last night, in a moment of abandonment, I slipped on the green vege in my miso soup to my front teeth and gave the widest smile ever. While Aunty Cathy and Uncle Dennis rolled into tears and laughter, Meeza gave me the scolding. STOP IT, MOM! It was absolutely the Bruneian virtue of modesty lording over her. Sorry, darling, I have forgotten. Mommy will not do that again - for a day maybe?

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