29 December 2007

joie de vivre

This is the balcony view of the Broadwater along Marine Parade in Labrador, Gold Coast. We get to see this span of shimmering water for seven days.

27 December 2007

wiped out

Meeza is up in this huge contraption called The Wipeout having fun. My feet are on soil; my heart in bonkers. When the machine stops, I'm happy to see her still whole. She says, "That was really fun! Now, can I 'ikut' The Claw?" I say, "No Way" (to foil my heart attack).

26 December 2007

pretty in pink

This bird lives at the Currumbin Sanctuary at Gold Coast in Australia. It is sooo pretty it resembles the pink sorbets of summer.

15 December 2007


I recently found a meme that would put a new perspective in your life. A whiff of fresh air, perhaps. It is called Unconscious Mutterings, a "quick bit of free association, it lists a word/phrase and you are supposed to list the first thing that pops into your head". Try this and see what's in your psyche:

  • Master ::

  • Tour ::

  • Input ::

  • Downtown ::

  • Pricey ::

  • Acceptable ::

  • Terrace ::

  • Sunday ::

  • Payoff ::

  • Jack and Jill

  • My own would be:

    Master - Expert; Tour - Travel; Input - Contribution; Downtown - Bandar; Pricey - Expensive; Acceptable - Fair; Terrace - a view; Sunday - Going out; Payoff - Greater good; Jack and Jill - chips.

    Someone asked why would I associate Jack and Jill with chips. It was a favourite brand of chips in my childhood.

    Have a nice day doing this exercise. To play with more words go to http://subliminal.lunanina.com/.

    11 December 2007

    time flies

    A birthday just gone by and my usual flurry and hurry is happening - medical checks, promises to be kept, books to be read, compliments to be given, recipes to be done, places to be discovered, dreams to be realised... It would be nice to be young again. They say youth is wasted on the young - if we only knew what we know now! Then , we could have:

    - realised early that financial handicap is not a hindrance, luxury is for a few, adventure is for everyone

    - listened to our elders more like when they say 'eat your veges'; they mean well

    - not messed too much with our hair; it gets very dry with abuse - straightening, bonding, perming, colouring - they are the culprits

    - worn sunscreen

    - not jogged on the hard pavement; the knees ultimately suffer

    - not been reckless with our and others lives by being arrogant, jealous, disrespectful

    - not worried too much about the future; events like aging and dying are part of living

    - known that being emotionally mature means that there is no need for validation of your worth

    - exercised more

    - loved our parents more

    Cliche or not - time flies. Live your life to the fullest.

    10 December 2007


    This one is fun and unstoppable. It gets you a cyborg self from an avatar by filling in your name.

    Digital Intelligent Neohuman Assembled for Zealous Assassination and Destruction

    Get Your Cyborg Name

    Mechanical Electronic Exploration and Zoology Android

    Get Your Cyborg Name

    08 December 2007

    westlife's home

    The commotion and excitement of the school holidays have begun. Family and friends have started the temporary "migration" to places near and far. Yet, there is no place like home. In the few days that we will be away, each of us will be missing our favourite nooks and niches at home. We've been singing Westlife's "Home" even before leaving. The song is at the sidebar and the lyrics down here........

    Another sunny day,
    Has come and gone away,
    In Paris and Rome,
    I want to go home,
    Maybe surrounded by,
    A million people I,
    Still feel all alone,
    I just want to go home,
    Oh I miss you, You know,
    And i've been keeping all the letters,
    That I wrote to you,
    Each one a line or two,
    I'm fine baby how are you,
    Well I would send them but,
    I know that it's just not enough,
    The words were cold and flat,
    And you deserve more, than that,

    Another aeroplane,
    Another sunny place,
    I'm lucky, I know,
    But I want to go home,
    I've got to go home,
    Let me go home
    Im just too far,
    From where you are,
    I've got to come home,
    Let me come home,
    I've had my run,
    Baby i'm down,
    I want to come home,

    And I feel just like,
    I'm living,
    Someone elses life,
    It's like i just stepped outside,
    When everything was going right,
    And I know just why you could not come along with me,
    'Cause this was not your dream,
    But you always believed in me,

    Another winter day,
    Has come and gone away,
    In either Paris and Rome,
    And I Want To Go Home,
    I miss you, You know,
    Let me go home,
    I've had my run,
    Baby i'm down,
    I want to go home,
    Let me go home,
    It'll all be alright,
    I'll be home tonight,
    I'm coming back home.

    [ www.LyricsTop.com ]

    06 December 2007

    avoiding the drama queens

    How do you spot a drama queen? Being smart means being able to recognise the drama queen that sneaks into your life and before she makes demands and shows her fangs and claws and swallows you whole --- run and hide!!!!

    What makes a drama queen? Bully OnLine gives this description:

    "...every incident or opportunity, no matter how insignificant, is exploited, exaggerated and if necessary distorted to become an event of dramatic proportions. Everything is elevated to crisis proportions. Histrionics may be present where the person feels she is not the centre of attention but should be. Inappropriate flirtatious behaviour may also be present".

    It is our prerogative, choose to "buy into it" or move away.